In 2011, Ben was bored and went looking for a part time job. Something to fill in the lonely hours his normal, full time job didn't do. He found one. It was as a science presenter for kids at schools, parties etc. That sounded fun!! It was until his first day training, where he sat in a school in SLC, Utah and listened to his trainer, LECTURE the assembled children to "NOT TOUCH HIS STUFF" This lecture went on for a full 5 minutes. He knows this because he started timing it after the first 3 minutes. He realized that this was no way to get kids excited about science, so he politely excused himself from this company and drove home. On the way home, the "spark" of inspiration hit him with the thought, that has been and still is the hallmark and guiding force of his life, and that thought was: " why don't you just do it yourself?"

At home in his kitchen with his wife and his oldest son, they fleshed out the first ideas that became SPARK SCIENCE. SPARK is an acronym which expanded stands for Science Programs Aimed Right at Kids.

Spark Science's first presentation was at Mrs. Ponds first grade class at Provo Peaks elementary. It was heavy on science and history to be sure, but it had a lot of things to touch and play with as well, which is the hallmark of SPARK SCIENCE.

Not many days later, Ben was having an after class dinner with his improv comedy class at Village Inn in Provo. The 20 year olds all sat at one end of the table, leaving Ben, the instructor Mark Berrett and one other student, Adam Forgie at the other end of the table. Ben turned to Adam and asked what he did for work. Adam replied that he was a producer at Fox 13 Television in SLC. Ben, replied with a bit of jest in his voice, "well, if you ever need a science program there, I know a guy..." To Ben's great surprise and delight, Adam replied that he did... and he was serious. This was in November 2011 and two months later, in January 2012, SPARK SCIENCE hit the air waves for the first time. You can see some of those times here: