Updated JULY 2023


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(By the way, this pic above is the ANT NEBULA.   

It is one of the tell-tale signs that we live in an ELECTRIC UNIVERSE! )


There are some fun things here for you so just keep scrolling.  THEN...

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 This is called the Thatcher Illusion.    Notice how it looks NORMAL when viewed upside down.  Can you spot the problems? There are 2.

The Thatcher Illusion.

Want to "see" colors that don't exist on this screen?  Just look at the center of the 4 colors for 30 seconds.  Then look at a blank wall.   What do you "see"?   


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 Now, before you head out... here are some things to bring along.

These items are the very things I have in my field pack and are the MOST USED ITEMS!!!



Just get some bead chain and put it in a cup, jar or even your hand.  Bead necklaces work too!

Here we will post photos of our current geology research.   First up is... DRAGON CANYON!   (Little Rock Canyon, Springville, Utah.)

This is the south edge of "Dragon Canyon"  (Little Rock Canyon, in Springville, Utah)   This is drone footage of what we call the "Splat" , the "Snake Head" and the "Bulls Eye".   The Splat is the cliffs looking like grass does after it gets hit with a water balloon.  The Snake Head is a stone obelisk near the center of the Splat and that is where the Bulls Eye is too.   We have found that the best viewing times are 10 - 11 AM on a sunny morning and 5-6 PM on a sunny evening (summer)   

What do we think we are seeing here?   To put it simply... Electrically formed terrain...  Join us here for more info:  If videos are more your thing, try these out:

 FANTASY CANYON ... a Fulgurite field.

Fulgurites are " commonly known as "fossilized lightning", are natural tubes, clumps, or masses of sintered, vitrified, and/or fused soil, sand, rock


What leads me to believe Fantasy Canyon is a field of Fulgurites?   The fact that you can create these on you own at home...and I have. Numerous times, look...


UPDATE!            MAY 30, 2022     

Moonshine Arch in near Vernal, Ut

Another fieldtrip with Robert Hawthorne Jr.

Now for some OFF WORLD fun!